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nec versa c200 du conseil general



On this site you will find all that that concerns your nec Versa c200, some advice tricks, a free antivirus, the way to proceed to reinstall windows cleanly, to add the random-access memory, (ram) to clean the basis of register of windows, to download and to install the pilots of the Nec Versa C200 in all security...

Feature :

Model: Overturns C200
Processor: Mobile AMD Athlon XP1800+
Frequency: 1.53 GHZ
Random-access memory: 256 Mb (DDR PC2700 or 3200) on sale at SMART INTERACTIF
Hard disk: 30 Go on sale at SMART INTERACTIF
Graphic card: S3 ProSavage 8 32mo AGP 8X
Screen: 14.1 TFT inches
Modem: Billionton MDC56S-1 56K V.90
Network: 10/100 internal, IEEE 802.11b (WIFI), Fast Ethernet
His/her/its: AC97
Keyboard: AZERTY

Ports on the portable :

Entered CC, S-video, VGA, 4 USB, IEE 1394, Reader of card memory, PC Card, Modem, Network, Micro, Come out of line / helmet.

Software :

Windows XP Professionnel



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